Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Been looking for good travel deals the weekend of August 22nd

I nearly got one, too, Dubrovnik for (pound sign)133. But I had breakfast and it went up 30 quid by the time I came back. BAH.

Crap, I meant to say "Oh yeah, don't forget my unbirthday party June 20th" but I should probably wait and post that when I'm actually in a good mood.

Kinda down today. Feel like keeping up this blog is a waste of time - I could just go back to putting things up on my old Greymatter site if I want to diary, but my content contributions here don't seem to be building community - the huge effort I made to get things online while I was gone didn't really generate any response. Maybe Twitter for ambient awareness, Facebook for keeping up with people far away, Wordpress for art writing, and Greymatter to keep an online diary is the way to go. My LJ use seems to be dying off pretty naturally - I'm having to remind myself to use it these days.

It's gray outside and I've got lots of cleaning to do, then later some grocery shopping (we had breakfast without bacon or sausage today, so sad!) and maybe a visit to the dosa shop. And I need to do the budget for the month. Ooo baby.

I would sure like to hear from Tripadelic about that resume. I need to be done with my job, really.
Tags: lj geek, travel, whinging
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