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Rainy days and Mondays - nah

Mondays are often a good day for me, as I'm at work with enough sleep and tend to feel more able to handle the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune," as it were. But today is payday, and I've been approved for some training next week (giving me something to look forward to), and I'm going to see a play tonight with my friends C and Josela, so I am feeling pretty good about today.

wechsler has uploaded pictures from our trip to Nice on his Flickr account. They're awesome! (Also the source of the new user icon, which makes me laugh every time I see it.) I swear that I was reverse aging while I was gone.

Whinging about having nothing to read appears to have been tremendously successful as I now have piles of books winging their way toward me. Some of them winged their way with me after bathtubgin's do on Saturday, and I've started The Whitby Witches (which she lent to me). I'm not expecting anything genius, just a fun kids' story with magic.

Overall not a bad weekend, even though I spent most of Saturday moping after feeling like I was kicked to the floor Friday night. I wish I could get my happy back faster after people upset me - I hate watching valuable weekend time waste away when I've got so much to do but am to crushed to move. Since it ended well, at least, I'm in a good mood today, and that's what counts.

Also: in a series (in which I read Jo Clayton books around the world): me and Dancers Rise, by Jo Clayton, Entrevaux train station, France.

Tags: france, jo clayton, nice, pix, reading, travel

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