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Still waking up at 12:30

Wow, I'm moving slow today. Slept soooo haaarrrrd. Until 11. Maybe it's because my dreams for dark chocolate (in the form of mousse) and red wine both came true last night. It was irritating that I was still cooking at 8:30 but my only regret was that I didn't have more time to spend with people (as no one was complaining that the food wasn't done early enough, thank goodness. Totally reduced my stress level).

Was forced to make breakfast by rabid band of brekkienauts demanding nourishment. Fortunately, I had planned for this while awake (though I neglected to actually bring it home with me from work, meaning J went BACK to the office at 6:30, utterly and completely lame and utterly my fault) and we were well stocked with pork products and tasty brioche (courtesy of wechsler). Here is the results of my efforts (for those not on Twitter):

Breakfast: French toast, sausage, two kinds of bacon. Eating ... on Twitpic

For those of you who go WHY DID YOU BRING SO MUCH STUFF HERE? I will point out the tea cup at my position is the one I used to use at my grandmother's house. Boy, it makes me happy to have it. The one hiding behind the teapot is one bathtubgin gave me; the one being poured into is one I found at the Seattle Goodwill. Meanwhile, the teapot was a present from J, specially bought so we could make enough tea on a weekend morning to have second cups later. (Plates from Whittard, so not romantic at all.) And the table and chairs were a housewarming present from wechlser, which, as you can see, is getting good use.

Now I'm going to spend a little time cursing the fact the tea in my cup is now bitter and looking for a double divan "with drawers" on Gumtree. It's been two months and I haven't found one yet. I'd say I just need to break down and buy one but, you know, not this month. Afterwards I'm going to hope that I'm finally awake and I am going to garden. The weeds from last weekend have turned out to be poppies that I forgot I'd planted. Go dollar store impulse buy!
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