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Ballet over lunch - what luck!

It's a muggy and unpleasant day today, though the office ACs managed to keep it at around 78 or so, which I can work in. I helped by dressing in linen. Unfortunately my much loved linen capris suffered some sort of catastrophic structural failure along the lines of Galloping Gertie the bridge - I can only imagine that my "wardrobe malfunction" was narrowly averted by the fact that they were lined. I guess I got four years of wear out of them.

Best part of my day so far was my field trip to St. Paul's cathedral to watch English National Ballet's School and the Central School of Ballet perform on the steps in front of the building. It was sticky outside but somehow the dancers did not pass out in the heat. I live tweeted it like a lunatic (for once I could type without worrying about irritating other people and take pictures knowing it was legal) and basically enjoyed myself quite a bit, in part because it felt a lot like playing hooky. Even better, as I was heading back to the Tube, I saw lovelybug, and I think we'll watch tomorrow's performance together.

Other things that distracted me today: four books arrived from Amazon; I'm wanting to find a hotel I can afford near Olbia so I can take a weekend holiday there that doesn't break the bank (the £80 RT fare is very attractive); and I won some very cute plate on Ebay that I need to go pay for now. And Annie Get Your Gun is looking on for October 5th and my trip to Penzance is completely sorted. So there are things to look forward to.

Speaking of which: this quote, a key element of a gorgeous illustrated article in the New York Times, is really wonderful:

"Time wastes too fast : every letter I trace tells me with what rapidity Life follows my pen ; the days and hours of it, more precious, my dear Jenny! than the rubies about thy neck, are flying over our heads like light clouds of a windy day, never to return more -- every thing presses on -- whilst thou are twisting that lock, -- see! it grows grey ; and every time I kiss thy hand to bid adieu, and every absence which follows it, are preludes to that eternal separation which we are shortly to make. --"

Now we're off to, um, kill some time before dinner, as we're meeting some people in Soho at some nice Italian joint in two hours - their treat. I think pre-show gelato and even Pimms is called for here.
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