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Hot town, summer in the city

Oh dear. The last two night I've been rather irresponsible.

Last night: three hour long dinner (with 5 people total). Two bottles of wine. Home 11:20.

Tonight: hysterical Forbidden Broadway at the Menier (with the Westend Whingers, who were namechecked on stage, during a song. Oh, the envy). This was followed by more white wine, poured by a lovely gentleman who was regaling me with tales of singing "I Feel Pretty" with a men's chorus in Norway. Time flew. Home at 11:15.

Ah, summer. These long days just encourage staying out too late and the heat leads to grabbing whatever beverage is at hand - too frequently something with alcohol in it.

I am, however, having rather a good time. Hope the rest of the week goes as well as these last two days have!
Tags: i love it here!, my boring life, thea

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