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GodDAMN what a DAY this has been! Unemployment was NEVER as much of a good time as I've had today playing hooky in the snow! I got two extra hours of sleep, tossed some buttermilk biscuits in the oven, then checked my email to see ... work is officially closed for the day! WAH-HOO! I sizzled up some sausage and gravy, had some breakfast, then decided it was time to visit my neighbor who'd invited me over for tea last week. We chatted for about an hour, then (with promises that he'd tell me about how he broke in the fake bearskin rug with a porn star) we decided to go for a walk to Capitol Hill. I ran home to change my clothes and saw that Worthy Opponent had called, and he was coming home from work, too! I left him a note to call me on Kevin's cell phone (figuring the snow would turn his trip into The Second Voyage of the Beagle), and off we went, winding up at Julia's where we ordered hot liquored drinks and the world's most unimpressive tuna melt. Worthy Opponent made it just as we were wrapping up, and he and I took our damn time walking home, stopping by the grocery store (roast chicken with garlic tonight!), the pet store (mmm, pig ears), Value Village (Pirateer for only $3? What a steal!), and ... well, just goofing off, running around in the snow and stuff. We had a great time! The snow has let up, but it seems to be getting colder ... I wonder what tomorrow will be like.
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