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So very sleepy. Schedule. Doctor. Gym.

I am tired this afternoon. It might have been from all of the iced tea I had yesterday afternoon after our big steak dinner, though I'd expect the cider would have slowed me down enough for later.

McKanna steak, salad w rasp vinaigrette, French cider, potato... on Twitpic

It might be because I haven't been to the gym in two weeks - my membership has expired and I don't really feel like spending £99 for two months of gymming. Last week I was happy not to have it as the AC at LA Fitness is NOT very good and I expected I would have fallen over dead from heat exhaustion if I'd gone in.

But today it's nice and cool and after going to the doctor and discovering I'm at an all-time weight high and my blood pressure is up, it seems like it would be a very good thing to be getting some exercise today (and tomorrow, and the next day). But I just missed on getting a deal for £75 for THREE months and I don't want to sign up for the outrageous terms just described.

It seems, in fact, that all of the energy I have in my body can be described as "just about enough to look at adorable pictures of baby hedgehogs" (and then make a new user icon out of them).

Schedule: tomorrow Time and the Conways (for only £10, no, really, join us if you'd like), then Last Seen at the Almeida Theatre's Summer Festival (join us for that too if you'd like, we're going to the 7 PM one), then off to Scarborough for a lovely weekend courtesy of the_same_sky. I think it will be a nice week overall.
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