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Scarborough weekend winding up

God, Yorkshire is pretty. The green and gold fields, the trees on the lazily sloping hills, poppies and sheep in the pastures. Maybe I should take uplong distance walking; I can hardly think of a nicer place to do it.

Did you catch that I have a screening interview for a position as a test manager with Royal Mail on Monday? I'm really wanting to leave my job. I'm sad about being turned down by Tripadelic. I've now interviewed twice, three years apart, for the same position, and was turned down both times. I guess I really will just never work there again. Glad other UK employers don't feel so negatively about me.

One of the things I did really like about Scarborough was how much walking we got in while we were there. In fact, we walked so much I felt like I had hardly any down time; I certainly never touched any of my books! But I managed to get in a boat ride and 3 hours poking around a medieval castle and cards and singing and long conversations. So in my mind it was a big success.

I also got to try a Knickerbocker Glory, which is a parfait made entirely with canned fruit; crushed pineapple, peaches, pear (!), mandarin oranges, and maraschino cherries. J & I split it and it really was a meal in itself. And with its amazing all yellow and orange color scheme, the Harbour Bar proved itself a resaurant with no equal. Part 50s era coffee shop, part Farrell's ice cream parlor ... and not a good place for the visually sensitive.

Next stop York. I expect on my way back I'll finish my Inspector Montalbano mystery and move on to the Alexander McCall Smith mystery I picked up at a charity shop during the gap while we were waiting for our train.

As a final tought, anyone want to come over for a barbeque next Sunday afternoon?
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