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Home again, home again jiggety-jig

I need to think positive thoughts about this morning so the next many hours can be nice and productive. Here's what went right.
1. I did not start to feel cold for at least the first half hour I was waiting at the bus stop.
2. It was not actually raining while I stood at the bus stop - the only precipitation came from the buses (550s, none my 554s) driving by and splashing slush on my pants.
3. If I stood on top of the ice and snow, I did not get any extra water in my shoes (note that "I wore the right shoes" is not on this list).
4. I know I was there on time, even early, for both the 9:36 and the 10:06 buses.
5. It was a fairly short walk through ankle-deep slush to my house from the stop I was dropped off at by the "I'm giving up and going back home" bus.
6. Ken said there was no real reason to be in today if I had my stuff at home with me - which means I could have avoided this whole exercise.
6. There's a rumor my toes will grow back.
7. I've already met my goal of taking three walks per week.
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