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Kakistocracy - rule by the worst, Gerrymandering - demanding a trial by Gerry

Reading the headlines on the New York Times today just made me cringe. My country is going to hell in a handbasket! The current state of things makes me question how much of a sham this whole democracy thing is anyway. I mean, is it just a ruse the leaders use to cover their rape of the public purse? I was looking over some of my old grad school notes, where I was covering one of the Federalist Papers and how Hamilton was trying to show that "virtue" was no longer required for democracy to succeed (contrary to the argument of Montesquieu). But what we see now is ...

Federal interference in who gets to hold seats in Congress (This one was my wake-up on NPR this morning. Aargh! And of course it's in Texas.)

The President is pushing through laws blantantly for the purpose of increasing his chances of re-election. Whatever happened to making laws in the interest of "the people?"

And while Bush is rolling in the dough from his corporate sponsors, he's engaging in a little back-scratching to help some of his big givers "get out of jail free."

What the fuck has this country come to? How can seemingly intelligent citizens support this political party and their naked power grabs and delude themselves by saying that all you need to look at is whether or not they're supporting free trade when you're evaluating whether or not a good regime is in control? This was the same crap one of my fool professors told me when he made the claim that a free market in China would lead to an increase in civil liberties. For God's sake. And you know the world is really coming to an end when the World Bank spanks the United State's butt for fiscal irresponsibility - as if we didn't know, or as if the Mass of Idiots that support Bush will pay attention, anyway.
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