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Making my life one day at a time

After a blah day at work (blew most of it self-training and waiting for the work to hit), my evening was spent in the company of the inestimable lovelybug, to whom I fed caponata and pasta alla carretiera, receiving in exchange wine and Ben & Jerry's. I told her she was lovely and calming, she praised me for being generous (as well as loyal). We caught up on each other's lives and made plans for the future. She was consoling and supportive; I was enthusiastic and inquisitive. It went late; it was great.

Today work is boring again (same problem as yesterday) but I took advantage of it and went to Pilates at the Tottenham Court Road YMCA. We did a new move today; the intermediate mermaid with side extension. Sitting sideways on a reformer, you put your hand on the bar, then push yourself away and arch over with the top hand, like a normal mermaid; then you move the other hand to the bar and pull your whole body into the bar with your back arched. You push yourself back out until both your arms are straight, then raise up your chest so that you're curving your back in the opposite direction from before. Then I think you pull back in and re-curve your back out, then lift your "top"/far hand off the bar and lift it over your head back into the original seated position. It was really fun to do something new and I got a great back stretch out of it, too.

Tonight is Carlos Acosta, and tomorrow is the day where I may figure out what's happening with the rest of my life. It should make for an interesting day.
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