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Ghosts Review and Today's New York Times' health tips

Here's my review of Ghosts at the Arcola. I felt it was a bit of Woman in Black meets August Osage County - a non-stop action melodrama, with chase scenes and car crashes. And nudity. Or, well, maybe not, but I felt it was really a rip-roaring two hours and lots of fun, if you go for that kind of thing.

1. Just a little walk - one hour a week - improves women's health.

2. It's easier to sleep in cold room. Which is why I really felt bad for my friends in unairconditioned Seattle last week, and why, for all people are grousing about it being a cloudy, overly cool summer in London, I am grateful we've had the weather we've had - meaning I can get a good night's sleep pretty much every evening.
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