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A night in, for a change (Iron Chef Putney)

Well, I was feeling a little restless and grumpy as I came home tonight - work sure isn't doing much for me lately. But I had not one but two guests coming over for dinner, and a big chicken in my purse, and I was going to make some magic happen. I was supposed to make cauliflower pasta bake happen but couldn't find any C, so bought zukes instead.

So: Chicken has garlic cloves and rosemary stuffed in it, under its skin, and inside the cavity. I smothered it with lemon lime marmalade and in she went.

Next was the pasta. I kind of combined all the recipes I had. I sauteed halved zuke slices, adding raisins, then when almost done parsley, then some saffron and a bit of water. I took the cooked rigatoni (enough for four), made a slop of ricotta, grated motz, and two eggs, then mixed in the pasta and then the cooked zuke mix. I put it all in a buttered casserole dish, put a little more motz on top (to reduce the top layer of the pasta burning), then sprinkled the whole thing with bread crumbs.

I'll try to post the real recipe for baked cauliflower pasta at some point, but later on tonight I'll let you know if what I made up worked. Now I'm going to eat.
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