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Twitter is down! State Fair?

Well ... I found out via Twitter that the Finborough Theatre is doing the European premiere of State Fair (under 30s only £5 the first week, starting August 4th), which I seem to recall was made to go direct to film but certainly have never seen. Looking at my schedule, I ... er ... don't knwo when I can go before the end of the month. Nuts. Maybe I can see a matinee. Tonight I'm going to see Blink! And you missed it at Above the Stag, a pub in Pimlico. It should be fun, I think.

In Pilates news, I got a serious workout over lunch today - though the exercises themselves weren't too hard (except for the thing where I was in a plank and had to push myself back from the bar - that made my arms shake), I did get really warm and had to mop my forehead. It was incredibly humid in the studio! Hopefully now that the work thing is wrapping up I can make it for a regular 2 days a week and get in squeaky good shape.

Um ... is Twitter back up yet? Twitter? TWITTER! I MISS YOU ALREADY!
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