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Despite two days at home this week, I'm completely beat. A typical Friday.

Last night was very busy. We went to the Grand Illusion to see Eyes Without a Face, a horror movie from 1959 that I was looking forward to seeing (despite my normal aversion to any kind of scary movie) because of a review I'd read in the New York Times a while ago. The movie was very stylized and engrossing, as I hoped, although of course during the plastic surgery scenes I was having to force myself to look at the screen. Afterwards we walked around the U-District, kind of looking for food but also just entertaining ourselves before we went to the Mandarin Gate. Happily on the way over we got to stop at the Teahouse Kuan Yin and do a little restock - some Bai Hao oolong, as well as Ratnapura Estate Ceylon, the cheap Keemun, and - I think - some Nilgiri. The Ceylon is rather dull - I guess I should know by now not to bother.

At Mandarin Gate we met up with insearchofangst, motomotoyama, and (late arrival) sallysimpleton for some singing and imbibing of the low cal rum drinks. I did two songs: "Right Now" (by the Creatures) and "When You're Good to Mama" (my Chicago song). We got home at a decent hour, but I found myself this morning trying to swipe my work ID badge through the card reader on the bus and leaving my cup of tea sitting on my recycling bin long after I'd removed the teaball. MMmmm, me so tired.
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