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Back from Rochester and Upnor Castles

Today J and I had a fun time traipsing around Kent with robot_mel, beluosus, and (I think) camelstrong. On the way, I finished my review of the Jude Law Hamlet I saw Wednesday (show boo, but finishing review yay). As usual, I documented our expedition on Twitter and Twitpic - I've never figured out how to get my new phone (an Android/Gphone) to post to Livejournal, so my photoblogging is all happening elsewhere.

Basically, we saw a 16th century defensive fort that saw good action during a Dutch naval invasion around 1650; a Norman era castle that you can actually get at all of the way to the top - even though the interior wooden floors are all gone, there's a lot to see - and an also-Norman cathedral. As it turns out, we also saw a lot of the main street of Rochester, which is where Dickens set a lot of his novels. It was cool and if anyone who comes to visit has a Dickens thing, I'd be happy to return.

We're both now dealing with the fact we did this trip while sick - not sure what hit us but we're both down for the count, lungs and throat tight and exhausted. Still, I think it's worthwhile (given recent events) to share our current Real Life Astrology horoscopes. (Note I don't believe in astrology but I do enjoy reading Rob Bresny's horoscopes.) First, J's (Virgo):

No more rotten dessert, Virgo. No more silky danger or juicy poison. No more worthless treasures or empty successes or idiotic brilliance. Soon all those crazy-making experiences will be gone, blasted, dead. By this time next week, the bad influences that were trying to pass themselves off as good influences will have fallen away in response to your courageous drive for authenticity. You will be primed to restore your innocence and play in places where purity is the rule, not the exception. Already, the wisdom of your wild heart is regenerating, giving you the strength to overthrow the sour, life-hating influences that were threatening to smother your spirit.

And then mine (Cancer):

For better or worse, you are at least temporarily becoming more psychic. It could be a blessing, or it might be a bit of a burden. You may really enjoy having an enhanced ability to tune in to what people are thinking and feeling, and it could prove eminently useful. Knowing what's *really* on everyone's mind might give you a significant edge as you work to turn grand fantasies into well-grounded realities. But it also might tax your empathy or tempt you to ignore boundaries that should be upheld. I hope that by informing you of this situation, I have made it far more likely that your higher sensitivity will be a gift instead of a glitch.
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