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Anti-Tas Rant: and a horoscope worth noting

Went to Tas with wechsler tonight. While I could complain about how long it took them to take our order or how long we sat waiting for a glass of water to be brought to our table (25 minutes?), I'd prefer to be pithy.

The dolmades at Tas were like cold, damp dog biscuits wrapped in a bit of flaccid lettuce.

There, I think that describes the entire experience in one (appropriately withering) sentence.

While there, I was talking about my worries about how my new job will go. W's thought was that as long as I don't panic, I'll probably be fine. Amusingly enough, the new Rob Brezny "Real Horoscope" has come out and has this to say:

CANCER (June 21-July 22): The coming week will be prime time to perform minor miracles without trying too hard. You'll probably have maximum success if you refrain from hoping and worrying about achieving maximum success. The cosmic currents will be likely to bend and shape themselves to accommodate your deeper needs if you proceed on the assumption that they know, better than your little ego does, what's best for you. To get yourself in the proper frame of mind to do challenging tasks without expending strenuous effort, you might want to check out this photo spread of people practicing drunk yoga: tinyurl.com/n5z533.

Also, the completely awesome South African troupe that did the Magic Flute a while back is coming back to London, and there's a great deal going to see them for £5 if you can go on September 14th (and register your interest in getting said £5 early enough). Sadly, I can't go, but I thought I'd pass it on ....
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