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This was my last day at work.

Woo woo! After having a stress dream about giving my leaving speech (and awake stress about not getting a card, and no one showing up for my leaving drinks), as it turns out everything went very well. I skipped Pilates due to still being ill, but met up with sniperi to hand of the keys (and get a good gossip in) as he's house-sitting this weekend. Then I went to work, handed in my badge and most of the books I'd taken home with me to my boss, and sat down at my desk to see if I'd get lucky or be forgotten like I had been at other jobs.

At 4:45, a bunch of people gathered around my desk (yay!). Then my boss gave a really nice talk about how I joined when the company was in a major expansion phase (basically setting up the framework for why I was leaving), then went on about all of the things I'd accomplished since I'd been there, from redoing all of the templates for the QA documentation to taking on the resourcing work (that he hated) to training up the team in Agile including tracking down the author of the only, and at that time yet to be published, work on Agile and QA and then GETTING A COPY OF IT ON PDF. Which sounded kind of impressive, really.

And in honor of my upcoming job he gave me a stuffed "Postman Pat" and a card AND a gift certificate for a shop down the street which mostly seems to sell candles and mirrors.
I got a card! And a Postman Pat doll! on Twitpic

Then it was my turn, and I wanted to do a good job of it and be upbeat and sound sincere (AHEM) and leave everyone with a good feeling. I:
thanked a bunch of nice devs for being nice devs and showing that "we're all working together to create a good product"
thanked a particularly nice dev for being really hot lending me lots of good books and talking to me about literature.
thanked another one for working arm in arm with me trying to get unit testing and TDD up and running (which went nowhere thanks to the other devs)
thanked the CEO for supporting me going to a conference the year before (this led to a ribbing about just how much he was supporting my career, IE sending me places to meet people who would hire me elsewhere)
thanked my coworkers for being pleasant and the people who worked for me for basically being awesome and so hardworking that I had no work to do as a manager ...

And finally I thanked my boss for encouraging me and not being afraid of having someone who was ambitious working for him, for "really supporting me in my career" and for enjoying my energy and enthusiasm. I used this opportunity to give a little speech about how a good manager recognizes talent and helps it achieve the best it can rather than being afraid of them, and hopefully this was helpful or might be helpful for someone somewhere.

After this it was basically Off to the Pub and we had a nice couple of hours at the Cittye of Yorke where lots and lots of people (okay, 8 were there) tried to buy me drinks (really four drinks, two halfs of cider and two tequila orange juice things) and I yacked it up with my friends until my throat hurt and it was time to go home so our extra bed could be picked upDouble fisting at my leaving do. on Twitpic ... and three hours later we're still waiting for the guy to show up. Ah, Freecycle. At least I spent the spare time finishing my A Streetcar Named Desire review (summary: it's very good), so that's done, and now really all I need to do with myself is pack for my trip to Penzance tomorrow. And wondering why the guy I was obsessing about through half of highschool and most of college contacted me with his phone number on Linked In. Oh, and change the catbox, because my life is that glamorous.
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