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Too late for this weekend

I'm looking to find a new home for the white dog but I have apparently missed the deadline even for Sunday (which was 10 AM today ... I was still, essentially, sleeping then). I think I've got the text worked up for the ad. I'll leave it here to pull next week. Std Poodle Active 3 yr fixed crm f. Agil potent. $400. Exciting, huh?

Otherwise I am just STRUGGLING through the day as well as struggling to figure out what to do tonight. I'm sort of leaning toward Night of the Living Elvi - if I can get someone to go with me. Tomorrow is a community meeting, followed by a trip to re-gothify my hair. Saturday night I'll go to the Scottish Baroque show with my friend Nancy while shadowdaddy goes to a hockey game (shudder). Sunday night is the second installation of the Bob Fosse movie festival, with How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying the flick du jour. It all sounds pretty busy!
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