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The end of one life and start of another

Yesterday was a great wrap up to gardening leave. I got a solid 9 1/2 hours of sleep (this just wasn't happening in Penzance, don't know why but I was up at 7:30 daily), did a bunch of stuff around the house, then went to meet bathtubgin for lunch at Fujisan and had a tremendously overdue catchup about everything. Then I went off to Maidenhead/Taplow to visit the Lands' End Factory Outlet, where I bought three new work shirts and a skirt (but not the trousers and shoes I was hoping to find).

I then raced back to London and fairly successfully made it to Assa on time for a pre-theatre dinner with shadowdaddy and lovelybug. The three of us then toodled to the Vaudeville theater, where we were suprised to run into djm and thekumquat also going to see Alan Cumming's one man show "I Bought a Blue Car Today," which I really enjoyed (my review here). I was really psyched because basically I'd bought the only tickets I'd thought I could afford when they went on sale, 15 quid super cheapies, and then it turns out these were for the second row. Yay!

Home after the show and sad about not getting in until 11 PM and having stuff to do - getting the wet laundry hung up, uploading my review (written on the tube), figuring out how long it was going to take for me to get to work, putting away the new clothes I'd bought. The new job is going to require my getting into work earlier and my 11:30 bed time was not going to get me enough sleep for my first day - but, as expected, it took me forever to drop off anyway (still some coughing going on but having a hard time distracting myself properly to surrender to Morpheus) so it's not like I would have been sawing logs during the half hour I imagine as missed shut-eye.

So I'm up and I'm out in 30 minutes. I'm still sick and I haven't had enough sleep. We've got new neighbors next door and can now hear their radio and even their alarm clock going off in the morning; joy. My plan for the new joint is that I won't be online fooling around during the day though I might check Twitter from my phone; expect a lot less activity from me. This is part of why I wrote my review on the train - I'm not going to be able to do stuff like this on the job anymore. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

Time to put the new work clothes on. Catch up with you all later for a series of locked posts about the new sitch.
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