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Have my hotel booked for Venice!

After much searching, J and I finally found a hotel in Venice for our October trip with varina8. Who would think places would book up so very early? Who would think I would have ultimately put in about ten hours looking for a freaking room (2 hours this morning alone)? That said, big props to the Lonely Planet Hotel search, which came up with a variety of options ($500 a night not being one I was interested in; $75 a night for leaky showers and protruding nails also not so interesting to me), the most attractive being the Hotel Alla Salute. We spent a little extra and got a canal room - J pointed out that the paychecks will be coming in by that time and we could probably get a nicer one without breaking the bank.

Next stop: buying a new pair of trousers for work. I've got so much to do these days when I'm at home because I'm way too busy to fool around online at work (and don't like making internet purchases on my phone). With luck I'll actually get outof the house for a bit today but really, I'm very happy with the fact that I'm not hacking and coughing and want to kind of build on my "getting over my cold" momentum.
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