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LiveJournal now being covered in the New York Times magazine

It's interesting that the guy they interview in this article says "I'd go to that person's LJ before I'd call them or e-mail them or contact them on AIM because I would know them better that way." I am constantly aware that the people I know who blog (and the people I "know" through their blogs, mostly on LJ) edit the information they present about themselves, whether consciously or not. It's a practice as old as The Gossamer Years, from about 1000 AD. Why say balanced things about other people, when it would paint you in a less than flattering light? Why not tell all your stories the way you believe you are true, or that feel true to you? It's the same with how people present themselves in email. Someone can be incredibly polite and rational when typing, then be a flake in person, or a person whose emails make them look like Juvenile Spaz Case #1 may be an incredibly focused and responsible parent. I always tell myself that an LJ face is a chosen face, not a true face, and that it is only one aspect of who a person really is, and that to truly know someone you need meat time.
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