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Saturday proceeding according to plans

Yes, sallysimpleton, I am weak, but what can I say but that I get bored easily.

It is mid-Saturday. My hair is newly shiny-black and I've just eaten a lunch of grilled cheese sandwich and red-pepper tomato soup. The day is proceeding according to plans, the next of which is Dinner at 6:30 at Mesob (the great Ethiopian place around the corner from my house).

Outside it looks like a set design by a hybrid of Maxfield Parrish and Blade Runner. Great billowing clouds of smoke are rising from the industrial chimmneys into the sky, where they are turning a beautiful gold, while crazy scaffolding is silhouetted against the pink-tipped, snow-covered Olympic mountains. It's kind of discordant, but overall its beautiful, seeing the tiny skyscrapers of Seattle turned slightly fuzzy by steam and low-lying clouds on the glowing horizon.
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