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GAH. Damn this cold. Well, it's not a cold anymore, it's a chest infection, isn't it? I think it's gotten out of my lungs but I guess it's a really nice place for it to live and it doesn't really want to leave yet. I hate how this is killing my energy for anything except for sitting down. Going out and doing anything after my movie? Naaaah! I have important sitting to do, along with breathing. Xrays Tuesday if my lungs aren't cleared up tomorrow.

Today J and I went to see Cruel Story of Youth, a Breathless-like movie about two young ne'er do wells who find love (extortion, violence, rape, abortions, jail, death) with each other. It wasn't really a mood lifter but it was a great view into a Japanese society quite different from the prettified world of Ozu and Naruse. We've got three more weeks of this class about his films and three more movies to see; I have to say I'm curious about what constitutes black humor in his book. The effort of walking to the Tube stop wore me out and I gave up on having more adventures and went home right afterward. Still, I got to spend time with both trishpiglet and heiroglyphe today, so there were some very positive moments in a day that exhausted me so easily.

Tomorrow: up at 6:30 and on a train north for two hours for a three hour long meeting. Woo woo manager girl me. Tonight: dishes, laundry, and home made ice cream. Which will I enjoy most?


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Sep. 13th, 2009 09:31 pm (UTC)
seems like your lung infection is going on much too long.
what does your doctor say?
I worry that you have a pneumonia.
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