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I am an avid tulip enthusiast, and this year I return to my passion with a passion! Now that I live in London, I can't get flowers sent to me from Old House Gardens anymore ... but reading the caption next to a truly amazing flower on their website, I realized that I can actually order from the Hortus Bulborum direct! And so I am, the selection listed below. I still need to find a place to get some less exotic garden fillers from (suggestions?), but this should keep me going:

DUC VAN TOL COCHINEAL 1700: Very early, scarlet, 20cm high
DUC VAN TOL PRIMROSE 1921: Early, soft yellow, 20/25 cm high
DUC VAN TOL DOUBLE (syn. Scarlet King) 1830: Semi early, double, oxblood red 20cm high
VICTORIA 1913 Single Early tulip, white, 25 cm high
MR. V.D. HOEF 1911: Double early, yellow 20/25 cm high
STRIPED SAIL 1960: Mendel tulip, middle, white with purple flames, 35/40 cm high
Gesneriana SPATULATA 1904: Scarlet with large blueish base, late flowering, 25/30cm high/
COLUMBINE Rembrandttulip. 1929: Blue with dark purple flames, late flowering, 35/40 cm high/
Tulipa “Kolpakowskiana” 1877: Outside brown/orange/red inside yellow, late flowering
10 VIRIDIFLORA “RED HUE” 1700: Very late blooming. Flowering starts green and change into red, 25/30cm high

No Bontloff, alas, but maybe next year ...
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