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Trying to find cracks of time for the rest of my life

Last night we went to see Insane on the Brain after work, a show that rated for me because 1) Clement Crisp liked it and 2) it was supposed to run about 90 minutes, thus letting me get home for my now much earlier bedtime. Review writing was challenging though due to, well, needing to get some freaking sleep and then this strange thing that's been happening lately where I'm working my ass off at work. It's so bad I don't leave the building and I'm going to have to work hard to start getting a gym schedule back (think my stamina is up for it even though I'm still snotting and coughing). Anyway, I did my review of the show IN THE MORNING when I was hardly even awake and then finished it on my phone while walking to the tube and then to my work from the station nearby. It's dedication, I tell you. That said, I'm expecting readership of my blog will go down.

Anyway, tonight we went to see a movie, which means all entertainment and no writing duties (other than voluntary LJing). Cloudy with Meatballs was light and fluffy and the kind of thing I'd imagine psychedelic drug users would enjoy immensely (especially the bit with the gummy bears, which had just a bit of an Akira feel to it). 3D is really so much better than it used to be: it even worked for shadowdaddy!

Uh ... I'd like to write more about work but will only do it in locked posts. Also, the only reason I'm really writing right now is because I'm working at one of the remote sites and can sleep in a bit as I don't need to be at my desk at 8:30 ... I just need to be at Waterloo at 9:10 or so. Thus I can be online at 10:30 at night, but I'm so tired I don't even want to be online anymore! I'm actually kind of relieved there's so little content on LJ these days, as to catch up between what I read before I went to work and what was produced between then and now didn't even take a whole page of flist reading. Anyway, night all ....
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