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This is the result of 6 weeks of coughing, I think

My friend dreamsewing came over last night to re-measure me for some clothes she's making for me, and, by golly, I done shrunk. Per her, my hips are down four inches from where they were when she measured me last, right at the start of my cold. Thank goodness the *ahem* rest of me seems to be holding steady. I could tell, anyhow, because my various black office pants are all fitting better, but still, it's wierd.

That said, I can't wait to get back to the gym and start exercising again. While I've built up an incredible band of muscles right below my rib cage (from the one thing I have been doing consistently, which is coughing my guts out), fact is the rest of my body has totally lost tone. If it's not bad enough not having endurance from my breathing not being good, I hate it that I've actually lost strength. At least the coughing has substantially died down and I'm able to walk to the tube and walk up two flights of stairs without getting winded. Still, I can haz lungs nao?

Um ... yesterday at work was really frustrating - I went to the remote location and found my 11 AM had cancelled (and given me a rude note for "presuming" to set up a meeting with her without calling first) and then my 1 PM was cancelled 30 minutes in due to no one having prepared. Pure crap, I tell you, not that I got home any earlier as plenty of people wanted to talk to me anyway and I had shit to do.
Tags: colds suck, it's all a big fat lie
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