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If you think Monday is bad, wait til Tuesday

I start this morning off with a nice fresh steam burn from my teakettle and more friends entries than I have time to read. That'll give me something for later ... I have an incredibly boring spec to plow through, and I need to get an intelligent test plan created for it by the end of the day ... and close out a bunch of bugs, and smoke test a new build. At least I've had enough sleep - well, I slept poorly (again), but I think I slept enough. With a little luck I'll be able to get a connection to Otto's Baroque Radio and I'll be on my way to a productive morning. If I get really lucky I'll find someone to take me out to lunch today - otherwise I'm going to be stuck eating at the cafeteria of the college behind my work. (And I ask: why does it have to be the one college that does NOT have a culinary arts training school?)
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