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Ballet (Mayerling), Annie Get Your Gun, and a bit about work

Well, I gotta say, what with working 8:30-6 and eating at my computer so I can read more emails, this job is making it damned hard to keep up with writing about the shows I see, much less having the energy to actually make it in the theater in the first place. Still, I've finished my review of the ballet Mayerling which we saw last night (for 20 quid each courtesy of the Sun), and yesterday's lunch I devoted to writing my Annie Get Your Gun review. I've been shamed in my writing this week both by the West End Whinger's Annie review and Clement Crisp's review of the Scottish Ballet. The Whingers spent far more time being brilliantly funny about what was wrong with Annie; Crisp just shatters me with his concise, perfect words that capture so much better than I can what was happening. I mean, basically, he and I felt the same way about the show, but he expressed it like a Japanese bento box and my review was like country fried steak and gravy ... from the cafeteria.


Anyway, I continue enjoying work, and today I think I made a friend with a guy who's a test manager in a sister company. But mostly I still have too much to do and not enough time in the day and just getting enough sleep is a bit of a challenge. And I'm totally disappointed that this country doesn't have brownies that come and clean your house for a bowl of milk, cause I sure as hell could use some right now and there is plenty of things for the to dig into in the kitchen right now. That said ... must have bed now. varina8 arrives tomorrow and I will need to be perky for the next ten days. Aaargh!
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