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Starting to get really nervous about work stuff

Would I be less nervous about work if I spent less time blogging? We'll find out at the end of the day. That said ...

As part of my work at TripTown, I have to do a "test area review," in which I review my test plan for a project with the people working on the project. Mostly the point is to have the developers (or testers working on other areas that interact with the one you're doing) point out what you might be overlooking, but it's also, I think, a way for the PM (and other non-tech people) to get a feel for your competence. It was suggested that for my very first TAR I invite all of the members of my QA cohort (my team of 6) in addition to the people who are actually working on the project. And so far each and every one of them has said Yes, they want to come watch me do my stuff. This includes my manager, the co-manager, and THEIR manager. In addition, the PM for ANOTHER project I am working on wants to come. I feel like an ant under a magnifying glass and ... it's getting very ... warm under here.

In other news,
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