Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

The End of the World

Okay, it's not really the end of the world, but DAMN I miss being able to have a decent cup of tea at work. Yeah, I get to have shitty bagged crap all day long, but the London water, it makes everything taste like ... London water. Someone gave me some green tea and it's amazing what a thin layer of green tea taste there is in that cup.

And again, this is not everyone's problem or concern, but I don't like that I feel like I can't get to the right level of dressiness at work. Now that it's cooled down, I just don't have the right trousers. All of my heavy pants are jeans. I feel like some shopping may be in order but I hate the idea of just buying stuff en mass that I don't like and having it all look like clothing I pasted on like a paper doll that has no sense of me.

The visit from varina8 goes swimmingly. We had a great time at the Diaghilev show at Sadler's Wells (my in-progress review here, I'm having a hard time finding time to write this week, shock!), and last night rather than going out, we went to 19 Numara Bos Cirrik and ate everything we could stuff into our tummies. I then jammed in just a little more, then went home and topped it off with two pieces of baklava from the killer store (Tugra) right next door, because, you know, baklava is small. That means that this morning I'm still full. Really.

Anyway, tonight we're off to this Chocolate Steampunk Music Hall thing I found out about thanks to Twitter. I don't know anything about the Clockwork Quartet, but really, what about the combination of "chocolate" "steampunk" and "Victorian music hall" doesn't sound like I just have to be there?
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