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Silence: The Musical (review) and Sleep: The Missing

Last night J, booklectic, adjectivemarcus, A and I went to the suburban wilds of Baron's Court to see Silence: The Musical, the infamous musical version of Silence of the Lambs. Unlike some musicals at this degree of infamy, Silence is actually a well-written, fun spoof of the movie that well rewarded the time and money invested (and reminded J and I of some of the better productions of Seattle's Brown Derby). Sadly, it was actually much better than most of the musicals I've been seeing lately, which just goes to show you money doesn't guarantee quality. Highly recommended.

Of course the whole thing about this week is that I've been booking too, too many shows, in part because there are so many good things on right now, and this morning I'm paying the piper because I did not get enough sleep. However, this has nothing to do with when I got home (10:30 - just enough to get 8 hours for work) and everything to do with staying up finishing my review and then sleeping next to someone with twitchy legs. GAH. How I miss the days when I can show up at 9:30 but these days it's meetings at 9 AM at least twice a week so sleeping in a bit more is just not allowed. Off I go, then.

Let me know if any of you want to hear about work; I tend to think that people are bored when I write about it.
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