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Saturday in a nutshell

Today mostly I failed to ignite. I had people coming over for dinner and getting that taken care of was my big goal. I made it out to do grocery shopping at 1 and got back at around 3; I started cooking at around 5:30 (after three of my guests called to say they weren't going to be coming over, so it reduced some of my stress). T & Lauren arrived at 7 and I finally got food on at 8:10. Overall the food went well but er, I find that now it's midnight and I'm utterly exhausted. Also I have leftovers for days. And I've discovered I really just don't like cauliflower, so there are some leftovers I won't be touching.Cooking a Sicilian vegetarian feast. This is madness! on Twitpic

Tomorrow I'm going to visit M but also I'm going to stop by the Borough Market for Apple Day, because, you know, YUM, apples, only sadly not Honeysweets.

I managed to be online hardly at all today other than getting my review of Shunt's Money done. All three of us hated it. But otherwise no Twittering, no blogging, no reading or commenting. It's probably good to be doing the real life thing but I tell you, I am worn out.
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