Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Just how bad is the air here anyway?

Failure du jour: got up, went to wear pants I'd washed the night before and left on the heater to dry, realized the hook needed to be sewn back on. Found black thread, carefully reattached hook so stitches didn't show on the outside. Put on pants and realized I'd put the hook on backwards, so that it doesn't actually hold my fly closed, it just rests gently against it and comes right back out again. Pulled shirt over fly and wore them anyway.

What is up with all of these people I know having bronchitis and lung infections this fall? Two people at work have lost a month each to this shit, I'm STILL not rid of this cough (mostly, just occasionally when my throat is dry - two months later!), I hear all over LJ about people being diagnosed with same - is this some kind of bounce from the swine flu, or is the filthy London air just worse than normal this year? Remember, folks, a cough's not just a symptom, it's something that can help keep you sick and weak. Treat your cough as well as your fever and sniffles - it'll damage your lungs and you'll spend ages trying to get back to normal. Learn from my mistakes.

Did I have something intelligent to say? Likely not. I still have piles of vegetables left over from this weekend in overshop shock horror and we kept piling our way through them (skipping Pilates in favor of home time) with pumpkin risotto and sauteed zucchini on our plates tonight. I'm thinking of maybe doing a pepper pasta thing later this week. God, I have NO shows scheduled this whole week, what a relief. We even played a board game tonight, and last night we watched David Attenborough. I could get used to this, only, seriously, I'll be getting cabin fever by Wednesday, which should mean we go see a movie. Dr. Parnassus, here we come! (Orange two for one code anyone?)
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