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1 night, 2 shows: "They Only Come Out At Night" & dance to David Bowie & Velvet Underground

Only one night of theater this week? Yes, but I tried to make it count by going to two, count 'em, two shows last night. One was supposed to be a spooky Halloween thing that ultimately just wasn't (Slung Low, "Visions: They Only Come Out at Night"). The other was a modern choreographer (Michael Clark) going wild with David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground and even a little Wire. This was obviously a can't miss thing for me though it did make me think of Bongwater's "David Bowie Needs New Ideas" song. My review is up, and you'll notice I managed to throw in a visit to an art gallery, too. Seriously, it was like drinking three Nutrashakes in a row after starving myself for days.

Anyway, today I haven't so much as walked out the door, though I did let the cat play in the backyard. I thought I was going to do some gardening, but when I opened my boxes I discovered the reason the big one was so light was that it was mostly empty (bad!), and the rest of the bulbs are sitting in some delivery company's warehouse, waiting for a second delivery that was supposed to be the next business day after Thursday, though for some reason it appears Friday and Saturday do not rate. Maybe on Monday they'll show up and then somehow I'll find the time to plant these things ... gah, Saturday and Sunday next week are both gone, maybe the 14th?
Tags: another saturday pissed away, flowers, garden, reviews
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