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First: my long-delayed review of Inherit the Wind, the play inspired by the Scope Monkey Trial. While I expected it to be more Viva Darwin!, thanks to David Nutt getting fired for saying drink was more dangerous than dope, it's message was stunningly timely. A real shame Kevin Spacey hammed it up so much but it was a good show nonetheless.

Yesterday we did a lot of things around the house after an enjoyable breakfast at the Astoria Cafe in Streatham, which reminds me nothing more than of wonderful mornings hanging out with the Quad. My later gardening efforts did not result in even one bulb making it into the ground, as the garden was so overgrown there wasn't really anywhere to put them. We finally gave out around 4:30, cleaned up, then headed to Brighton for the Brighton Early Music Festival's presentation of music from the Jesuits in China. What was particularly interesting is that so much of the concert was Chinese instruments, Chinese music, and even Chinese poetry. I especially liked the "Farewell to Yuan," called the "passe du soleil" in my program. Here's my version of the poem:

In the completely over the top Brighton Pavillion for "Music ... on TwitpicWei town morn, rain soaks dust
Inn willows show fresh green
Drink one more cup of wine;
Past Yanguan, freinds all gone.

Anyway, it was all done in the Brighton Royal Pavillion, which was good because from our seats we couldn't see the performers at all as the floor is totally flat and they weren't even on stage.

Anyway, shooting off to have lunch at wechsler's sister's house ... will catch up later.


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Nov. 8th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a lovely day. I was describing our outings in London to a friend yesterday and what terrific hosts you were. Miss you both.
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