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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Gotta keep the going out down and work on getting more sleep

So Monday night was work then Habit of Art at the National Theater (the new play by Alan Bennett); last night was work then Birmingham Royal Ballet's "Quantum Leaps" program at Sadler's Wells. Man, I love the shows, but the writeups (which is what the links go to) are proving really difficult to do now that I have to (gulp) actually do work while I'm at work. I was even writing up "Habit of Art" while I was at the (2nd) intermission for the ballet last night.

Fortunately, tonight finds me at home, where I've just served bathtubgin and lovelybug my pasta with pesto and new potatoes (and cream) that seems so well suited for cold nights (double carb goodness!). I added some kale and squash to make it a little more healthy, then made a flan to ruin the overall effect. Now I'm so full my stomach kind of hurts. God, pesto just makes it impossible to really get my head wrapped around what a portion size should be. Anyway, it's now after 10:30, and I'm going to take my gut and go to sleep. More ballet tomorrow and then again Friday - sleep is for the lazy, I say!
Tags: ballet, reviews, theater
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