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Sundays in November are for gardening

Yesterday was one of the most fun Sundays in recent memory for me. It got off to a good start with a solid 11 hours of sleep, followed by French toast. (Still no phone, FYI.(

Then I got my bags of flowers together. This is the first time since I've been in England that I've been able to really get back into my normal tulip mode for the fall. I found three different places to buy bulbs at (though none of them selling by the 50s and 100s like back home) and got both two really exotic selections (hyacinths from Alan Shipp and the "fall sampler" from the Hortus Bulborum and some random pretty things (from Dobbies). Last weekend I mapped out the garden and got just a few bulbs in; this time I was able to just plunge into getting them in, in, in the ground. wechsler went on digging duty after a while and shadowdaddy worked on further bush trimming. It will really be an excellent garden this spring. I've been keeping up my tulip journal with info about what is planted where and pictures of the flowers. Unfortunately I only got half of it in yesterday but another two hours next weekend and it should all be done.

Then it was 2:30 and only two hours before sundown and I wanted to go enjoy the autumn weather so off we went to Merton Abbey Mills. Unfortunately it seems most of the fall color got turned into mulch the day before but it was still nice to be out in what little light was available - and it was sunny all day so really good to be out.

Back home, I finished my review of Nation at the National (it's a negative review) and had a nice stir fry dinner (courtesy of wechsler) and got to bed before 10:30. I've actually had enough sleep, and now it's time to go to work - almost seems like a waste of time to be in such a good mood and then spend the day indoors!
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