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Post dinner party story problem

Q: Seven guests come over. Two bottles of wine are opened; one is left in the bottle and the other is poured into a pitcher. There is some fancy lemonade and in the fridge some weak-assed orange juice. Dinner consists of chicken fried steaks for nine, a roasted squash, souffle for six, mashed potatoes for six, gravy for eight, cornbread, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and kale (with bacon). What do you do the next day?

A: Throw out the cornbread, eat the leftover steak and gravy and biscuits for breakfast, heat up the quiche for dinner, and mix the leftover wine (in the pitcher) with the cheap assed orange juice and drink that with. Oh, and wash dishes for two hours. Any food remaining can be taken to work on Monday. You won't need lunch.

Secret fact: of course you have to use the wine in the pitcher, because the other wine was rioja, and it is all gone, along with the fancy lemonade.

Was somehow up at 1:30 AM watching YouTube last night. Found a Lene Lovich song I'd never heard before. Damned cool.

PS: this is the closest I'm getting to Thanksgiving this year.
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