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Cock made me jump for joy

Cock, the play I saw last night (link is my review) at the Royal Court, is quite possibly the best thing I've seen all year. The perfect dialogue, the fascinating story, the agony of watching it take place feet away from me ... close enough that every twitch of a cheek was visible.

Since it's sold out, here are the rules of the game for returns. Royal Court does not seem to want to be selling them over the phone. Instead, at 6:30 the write a list of the people who are waiting in line for tickets, and at 7:30 they give away any that are left. At 7:45, if there are any remaining seats, they will sell those (the difference is that these are not returns but merely people who have not shown up; as the play runs straight through latecomers cannot get in the theater). the queue starts forming around 5 and thankfully people are allowed to stand IN the theater (and not out in the rain and cold).

SEE THIS BRILLIANT SHOW IF YOU CAN. There is little chance of it being remounted in its current configuration. THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST SHOW I'VE SEEN ALL YEAR. (I'm going to go back and read my list and see if I still feel that way after reflection.)

It's odd, before the show I was thinking that I need to rethink my approach to the theater and see less shows, later in the run. Writing the blog has made me a bit of a slave to my statistics, and early reviews get more hits. But I think the toll on me of seeing so many shows I haven't enjoyed means I should see less. Maybe part of it is seeing so many new plays, which can turn out good or bad; but this past month has been full of theatrical disappointments - and has been pricey to boot.

The cat is curled up next to me and I hate to leave, but needs must. And I have a feeling I'm probably hung over after all of th wine I drank last night (with the West End Whingers) after seeing the show. It was so good I just had to celebrate.
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