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Join me at the BFI for an Ozu-centric January

Madness, madness. In no things moderation. Yep, that's me. This time it's movies, not theater. BFI's got an Ozu festival going on January and February and I'm going to do my best to see all the movies I've seen by him that I've not seen before (i.e. when they did the Ozu festival at the Northwest film festival, a score of reviews from me here). It's odd to think that I saw twelve and yet there are many, many more I've missed - nine movies in January alone, and I could see another two that I'm postponing until February instead. In addition, there are two Ozu lectures I want to attend - one a general one, the other a scene by scene breakdown of Toyko Story, billed as "his greatest movie," and certainly a goodie.

At any rate, here's the schedule I'm looking at for this January. Let me know if you want to come to one or more of them with me. I'll be buying tickets Tuesday.

1 Friday: 16:00 Le Jour se Leve (1939 - oops, this isn't by Ozu, it's a French Gangster flick but looks really good); 18:00 Days of Youth (1929) (both of these are just maybes, I won't be buying tickets for this until the day due to anticipated New Year's Eve exhaustion)
2 Saturday: 18:20 I Flunked, But & A Straightforward Boy (two short movies)
3 Sunday: 18:00 Les Diaboliques (1955, another French gangster flick, but still, at the BFI)
6 Wednesday: 18:15 Ozu, Emotion and Poetry: An Introduction (this is the lecture)
8 Friday: 18:30 Tokyo Chorus (1931); 20:45 Walk Cheerfully (1930)
9 Saturday: 16:10 Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth (1932); 20:30 Days of Youth (maybe - two movies might be too much given the previous night's schedule, and Days of Youth will also depend on whether or not I make it out on the 1st)
16 Saturday: 13:00 Tokyo Story masterclass (scene by scene breakdown); 16:00 Dragnet Girl (1933 - Ozu's gangster flick)
19 Tuesday: 18:30 A Mother Should Be Loved (1934)
27 Wednesday: 18:30 The Only Son (1936)
Tags: japanese film, ozu, schedule

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