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Saturday night; Keira Knightley's "Misanthrope"

Last night was my big night out of the year, the trip to the fancy dress ball that required a new dress to be done right.

I spent the day watching Southwark Playhouse's Christmas Carol (really fun, please go see it if you like the story and buy your tickets soon as it's selling out quickly, details to follow). When I got home I settled down to finish my review of The Misanthrope that I saw on Friday with Amy and J, the one with Keira Knightley (summary: a good night out, but not worth 50 quid - more in the 20-30 range).

wechsler and I headed out quite late to the fancy dress ball. J went to "The Peryl's (a band) Victorian Christmas Extravaganza." My evening consisted of: 35 quid tickets; 500 people in room fitting 300; performances that you couldn't get to because of the crowds and couldn't see if you made it in the room; the zipper on my dress busting (FAIL!); five quid for 1) a mixed drink 2) a beer 3) orange juice 4) water; a 40 quid taxi ride home. J had: good music; a gift from Santa; two pound beers; one pound slices of cake; piles of friends; a bus ride home. I do really think he had a better evening overall. It all makes me think that next year I should host a Steampunk Christmas Extravaganza, hire a hall, and really make an event worth attending.
Tags: christmas, reviews, shallow fashion details, shiny
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