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Kind words for Christmas

I called my friend C today to see if she was going to be able to make it to the Academy of Ancient Music's "Messiah" today. You'll remember me talking anout her a lot earlier in the year, as my best work friend, the one who sat next to me for the first 5 months of the year, whose layoff departure devastated me.

Well, she was too sick to go to the show, but she said she wanted to see me before too long. "I wanted to thank you for being there with me during that whole long horrible slog earlier this year. Day after day, about the only thing that sustained me was knowing that you were going to be right there at that desk waiting for me, telling me it was all going to be alright ... I can't tell you how much your support meant to me during those dark days."

Wow. What an incredibly kind thing for her to say to me! And the feeling was very mutual. I remember day after day, saying things to her like, "This situation really sucks, but we can do what we can to make it better for each other - I'll bring chocolate, you make the tea." And it did get very bad for both of us, but at least we knew we weren't alone, until that day when suddenly I _was_.

And things are better for us now, just like I knew it would be, just like I promised her nearly every day. And I knew it would be better because I knew we wouldn't be there anymore.

But still, WOW what a nice thing to hear. It'll be a long time before I have a friend like that at work today. I'm sorry she's not going to the concert tonight, but she's sure left me with a spring in my step.
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