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Puerto Rico with Ken, Fun with SQL

I'm feeling better about not being able to properly test the SQL batch job before I left. It turns out ... it was never replicated on that server. Hurrah! The whole process is really a big learning curve for me, though, as I've never had the power of DELETE and EXECUTE on a SQL server before. "Nasty QA, mustn't touch!" I'll get it figured out soon ... and I'll get my big presentation ready for this afternoon while I'm waiting for the build master to figure out what went wrong. Then tonight we'll go see the Aki Kaurismaki movies at the Grand Illusion - but I think Karaoke is right out.

Got home after 7 last night, whipped up some tacos (using what I hope was non-BSE-infected grass-fed beef, although we'll never know until mandatory testing is instituted for all cows), then went to Ken's house to help him break in his new Puerto Rico game. It was a bloody, bloody Battle of the Titans, ending on a score of 61/61/57, and a six doubloon win for me. Slept like crap today, although I did have a great dream in which sallysimpleton was a contestant on Survivor: Battle of the Fittest, and her team got to stay at the (non-existent) Chuckanut Drive B&B.

In Japanese class on Monday, the teacher taught us "Who are you?" and "I am Tomu, Microsoftu of Employee" (or "Redomondo Office Lady," depending on your gender) as well as the numbers one through ten and the beginning of Hiragana. The class contained 6 members of the Borg and 7 of us from Tripadelic (plus some folks from banks, etc.., for a total of 25). I have high hopes that I'll learn more here than I did in the class I took at Seattle Central ... the teacher is much better organized.
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