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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

What? You say you want to publish me?

I got a comment on my theater blog yesterday asking me if I'd like to be published in a real-live print magazine. Wow! I was kind of excited but then of course I realized they weren't offering to pay me anything for it.

Here's the email they sent me:
We are part of a Young Enterprise team from XXX school in Barnes,
London called [Word Like Innovation]. [Word Like Innovation] is publishing a new, free magazine called
blog[WordHere] containing material from blogs, targeting students in London.
The magazine is printed glossy and professionally designed. Uptake for the
first issue (December 09) was high.

We have decided to use the abundance of great content on the internet in
our magazine and are very interested in the content of your blog. Our
theatre section definitely needs expanding and your blog would be a great
addition – we really like it!

Your articles will be published at no cost to you, and they will be
published with your blog’s URL, which will increase your online readership.
Your blog will also be linked to from our website.

The next issue comes out mid-january, and your articles would be a great
addition to it.

So ... if they're trying to make a profit, I don't think it's right for them to just use them for free. On the other hand, if this is some high school student project, maybe they're only doing it for a couple of months and won't be doing it for very long and the profit is very little anyway.

What do you think? Should I go for it? And if so, should I use my real name, or a variant thereof, to preserve the anonymity of my online, theater-reviewer identity? Should I say yes even though they clearly don't intend to pay me? What if they never intend to pay me? Should I do it on a trial basis and see if 1) they make money 2) they become willing to pay? What's the advantage to me given that I don't make any money on my site any way?

Meanwhile, I'm spending the day in Chesterfield for work, and I need to get off of the couch so I don't miss my 8:50 train.

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