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Hard day at work meets good results

The meeting I held today to review my test plan was successful. At least a third of the people that said they'd show up didn't; the cookies ("bribes") were well received; and the one area of "Did you forget this incredibly obvious thing?" turned out to be right there, making me look good. I also got some good feedback on convoluted ways to access the feature I'm testing, which improves my opportunities for finding bugs.

In addition the issue that was frustrating me so much last night turned out to be the one and only bug found for the SQL SP3a upgrade, AND I had the pleasure of making a developer cringe with misery as he accepted responsibility for fixing it, so I felt like I was really running at speed as a QA goddess. Hurrah! Only three months I've been here and I've finally had a day where I felt like I was earning my monkey chow.

I'd stay and test more, but the networks are going down soon and mostly I'm just too pleased with myself to want to stay anymore. The script that needed to be fixed won't show up until around midnight, so no point hanging around ...
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