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Proust: so much more than cookies

I still think the idea of condensing "In Search of Lost Time" into a ten minute play suitable for stick puppets is a good idea. There is so much more to the book than cookies. It's like saying Star Wars is all about "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ..." And tonight wechsler said Proust was emotionally stunted. It's just not true!

But really, what I wanted to do was drop a quote about Proust into my journal, because I was very cheered to see that he's continuing to be relevant in modern culture. This came up in the Metro, in an article on Orhan Pamuk:

"In my memoir Istanbul I talk about the city as an index of landscapes and sentiments; we walk down the street and see objects that are registered in our memory because of our associations. This was invented by Proust and his famous madeleines in Remembrance Of Things Past. In my and Kemal’s museum virtually everything is a madeleine."

Well! Life is just a plate of cookies, eh? It's hardly deep when expressed that way, but it's cool that I understand just what he's trying to get at. And it does make Istanbul sound like an even neater city than it is. I, however, felt like I was never able to get any deeper than the surface. Still, it warms my cockles to see my beloved Marcel is still being referenced regularly.
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