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Home again, and ravens

Wow, my icon seems so appropriate. London is feeling VERY cold. Same old hovering near freezing crap as when I left but more painful. I'll write up my trip later; the next day or two will be very busy. I did get the photos loaded on FB last night - it was a good excuse to talk them through with J. But here's an example of what I was getting there: sun and ocean.Ocean, view from Fortaleza Sao Tiago, Funchal on Twitpic (There were also lots of flowers but they weren't so much in this picture.)

Also, for those of you who like ravens, Judie Gumm has some new jewelry designs featuring them - a necklace and earrings. I used to buy something from her every year at the Northwest Flower and Garden show, and she'll be there again this year. Me, I'd buy the snowdrops or poppy bouquet earrings if I was going to be there, but to have it shipped to the UK is just too much hassle.

Ozu movie tonight 6:30-ish, please join if interested.
Tags: ozu, shallow fashion details

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