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I am senior manager. Hear me stir shit up.

So. There are many problems at my workplace. One is lack of documentation (shock!). Another is single points of (human) failure, like "if this person gets hit by a bus our project will collapse because no one else can do it."

And Thursday one of my employees did a presentation on a project she's been working on and made a mention on how it's been hard work since there is so little documentation on it.

And on Friday I was asked to approve a test plan for that very project that noted "because there is no ACTUAL DOCUMENTATION on how this works technically, the test plan may suffer some inadequacies" (in the risk section). Admittedly it was written based on some very in-depth knowledge of the product from the test team, but still, there concern about it being inadequate was on the money.

So I rejected the test plan, and said that until the documentation was PRODUCED, the test plan could not be considered adequate.

Let's see what hornets' nest I shook up come Monday. The project manager is going to be shitting because his project can't be done on time unless the test plan is accepted. I can't wait for them to turn to "Mr. Single Point of Failure" and tell him to get that shit out of his head and ONTO some PAPER (no sense hoping it might actually be in a computer). Woo woo, I am Queen Test, FEAR ME.

Oh yeah. The Silver Fox? He types with two fingers. Guess in his earlier days they had "girls" to do that work for him.
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