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Saturday recap and: my inverse twin, in NYC

I've spent five minutes at least laughing my head off over this article in Cracked about the mysteries of being an English person in New York City. It's funny because I've had nearly all of his problems in reverse. Where's my kettle? What's a vest? How come I can't find any of the medicine I want when I'm sick? What do fairies have to do with washing dishes? The list goes on.

Anyway, yesterday mostly consisted of lazing around the house, with bouts of cleaning the bathroom and reorganizing the mysterious contents of "the shelves that used to be in the bathroom" back when we had a bathroom big enough to have shelves under the sink. Much later we overcame our tremendous inertia and went to the Royal Opera House to see the Stravinsky version of "The Rake's Progress," which we both found dull despite the really remarkable stage design. I wound up wishing I'd gone to the BFI to watch the Ozu movie I'm not going to be able to easily fit in to the next month's schedule, though since we split at intermission we were at least able to have nice pints at Chando's Opera House.

What I did not do was write at all. I now have not just the review of Silence (from Friday) to write up but also now the show from last night. I don't feel motivated. What I do want to do is write up My Life in 100 Words or Less, which is due today. I know I'm not going to get Alan Cumming to do this, but I can at least ask, right? And in order to dream about it I have to actually write it. Anyone else (in the UK) gonna give this a try? It's way more accomplishable than NaNoWriMo and has a much more immediate reward ...
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